Signup Forms & Landing Pages

Every EmailGreen account comes with signup forms and landing pages!

How are you building your database? Having a signup form on your website or landing pages are the two best ways to generate new leads and grow your list. EmailGreen offers both! Design and customize your very own signup form to put on your website or embed on one of our landing pages to easily add new contacts to your campaigns.

Signup forms

Create signup forms that you can use on your own website or landing pages or use one of our landing pages templates. Customize your signup forms for user-defined fields, so you collect the data you need to easily personalize your messaging and segment your contact database. Our forms are highly customizable, from the design to the CTA button to the information you collect. Plus, you can automate emails once a person has submitted your form! Building your contact list has never been easier!

Benefits of using EmailGreen signup forms:

  • Easy to create
  • Design-friendly
  • Secure
  • Simple customizations
  • Trigger automated email sequences
  • Directly attached to your CRM

Landing pages

Landing pages are a key element of any successful campaign. A landing page is used to attract and convert leads with targeted messaging. Unlike your website, a landing page contains a limited amount of highly specific information that is geared towards the needs of a segment of your target audience.

Use the EmailGreen drag-and-drop landing page EasyBuilder to create and customize a perfectly branded page for your campaigns. Then, easily embed our signup forms onto your landing page to generate new leads and build your database.