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EmailGreen's Top 5 Email Marketing Tips 

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to reach their customer base. However, it is important to implement proper email marketing strategies and to adhere to the correct etiquette to ensure success. As a company focused on email marketing, we wanted to share our top 5 email marketing tips to make sure your newsletters and emails stand out!


  1. Get Permission! Do not buy email lists and leads… Ever! Make sure that the people who you are sending your emails to have signed up or have shown interest in your product, services and company. Spamming could land you a spot on the blacklist and can potentially result in a loss of customers. Email is powerful and effective, but can backfire if not used properly.
  2. Be persistent. Once you have an established permission-based list, you want to stay in front of your customers. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are your customer relationships. Reaching out to your clients or potential customers at least once a month will ensure that your business is making the lasting impact you want. The first few emails that you send out are the most important. It is critical to make a great first impression, if you would like to keep them as subscribers. 
  3. Don’t give it all up in the first email. In order to keep your audience engaged, you must keep them yearning for more. There is always a story to tell. You should provide consistent insight into your industry, along with tips and tricks that will be valuable to your targeted database. Not all customers/clients require the same information. Establish a set of different lists for specific audiences that you send targeted content to that meets their needs, in order to maximize impact. This will ensure that you are hitting the right people with the right information. This is critical for email marketing.
  4. Make your newsletters mobile friendly. With more people reading emails on their tablets and smartphones, it only makes sense to ensure that your newsletters are easily read on a mobile device. Make sure that you optimize your templates, text, and images for mobile. If you refer back to our most recent post, Mobile Email vs. Desktop Email, you can see that the trend of reading emails is moving away from the desktop, illustrating the importance of the mobile-sphere.
  5. Send a test email before your blast your list! Sending your newsletter without giving it a trial run is for amateurs. You want to know what it is going to look like when it lands in the recipient’s inbox, both on a desktop and on a mobile device. Sending a quick test email allows you to check for any spelling or grammatical errors, as well as make sure all images are sized properly and that your template and the content inside looks the way you intended it to. What your email looks like in the editor may not always be what the email is going to look like in someone’s inbox, so it is always better to test it out!

These 5 email marketing tips touch on the basics of building a clean email list, staying in front of your customers, and building a newsletter that people enjoy reading. Stay tuned for more information on creating content, as well as other marketing tips.